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A new way to innovate

Rather than simply consulting or training, our hybrid model draws on the experience of two of the countries most innovative designers - Trevor Vaugh & Martin Ryan, and combines it with the knowledge and expertise within your organisation. Our action orientated programmes help teams to identify deep insights, recognise opportunity and design new products, services and business models. This model ensures deep learning, root level project conception, real innovation and real value creation

Your new Innovation Partners

Partner / CoFounder
Trevor Vaugh

Trevor’s expertise are in human-centered innovation, design strategy and design thinking. Prior to entering academia Trevor headed design at Advanced surgical concepts where he helped develop new strategy, products and concepts for international clients such as Olympus, Johnson & Johnson, Covidien and Davol. Trevor has accumulated a portfolio of over 50 patents, invented new product categories and helped disrupt surgical markets. His groundbreaking work on single site surgery saw it named in the Cleveland clinic’s top 10 innovations of 2009.
Trevor is a board member and co-editor of Iterations design journal and is a co-founder of a number of healthcare startups. In 2013 Trevor joined the faculty at the Department of Design Innovation at Maynooth University, where he is the programme director of the award-winning MSc in design innovation.

Partner / CoFounder
Martin Ryan

Martin is a multi-award winning designer and entrepreneur. He is a member of faculty at the Department of Design Innovation at Maynooth University and programme director for the BSc. in Product Design. In 2012 Martin founded BUA saddles – A revolutionary equestrian saddle which he conceived and developed to improve performance and comfort for horse and rider. Bua saddles launched its first product to market in 2015, quickly establishing a customer base in 15 countries.
Martin has held a number of design consultant roles across various industries including homeware, industrial and consumer electronics. Martin’s is co-editor of Iterations design journal, actively researches and advises on early stage innovation processes and design thinking across a variety of organisational sectors.

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